Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Theo Pure 45% Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is sweet commonly containing soy as emulsifying agent soy lecithin. Although there are chocolate brands which do not use soy in their products, there appears to be few from which to choose. Even searching high and low at my beloved Whole Foods grocery store only has a handful of soy-free chocolates for purchase.

One of these chocolate brands is Theo, a chocolate company based in Seattle, Wash., boasting organic, non-gmo and fair trade ingredients. How did Theo make out in the Sans Soy product review?
First victim, I mean, test product: Theo Pure 45% Milk Chocolate

Theo Chocolate

Quality: Upon opening my chocolate bar, I noticed the chocolate to be smooth and shiny. Separated into breakable rectangles by five thin, horizontal lines, the entire bar was a bit thinner than a ubiquitous Hershey’s candy bar. This chocolate resembled a artisanal chocolate similar to that of Vosges or New Tree brands.

Taste: Creamy and silky was the chocolate. As it melted in my mouth subtle flavors became more apparent. Faint, earthy flavors made a cameo appearance.

Price: A bar of Theo chocolate costs the average price of organic competitors. I purchased my bar from Whole Foods, and I paid around four dollars. To put this into perspective, a bar of Whole Foods’ generic brand (with soy!) organic chocolate is around two or three dollars depending on flavor.

Overall grade: B+. Chocolatey goodness without a grainy texture. Bonus points for non-gmo and fair trade company policies. I can't wait to test another Theo chocolate bar. 

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