Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shiloh Farms Spelt Pretzels

Ah, the pretzel, a beloved snack that serves as a perfect accompanist to a midafternoon break,  watching Netflix, and parties. For me, it is the crunch that makes the pretzel a satisfying and enjoyable bite. Shiloh Farms creates handmade pretzels made from spelt flour. There is no soy or soy byproducts in any of the ingredients, which are organic spelt flour, yeast, soda and salt. Let's see how the spelt pretzels performed on the Sans Soy test.

Shiloh Farms Spelt Pretzels

Product: Shiloh Farms Spelt Pretzels

Quality: Exceeds expectations. Looking at the pretzels through the transparent packaging, it is is clear these pretzels are an artisanal products and are not produced in a factory. Each pretzel is unique with different widths and thickness. A nice crispy crust was present on each pretzel.

Taste: The first detail I noticed when first munching on a spelt flour was the texture. The pretzels are denser than a typical baked good made with all purpose flour. In addition, the spelt flour created a bit of an earthy, excess flour taste that took a little time to acclimate my taste buds. A liberal sprinkling of fat, white salt grains on top of the baked goods was a welcome detail.

Price: Excessive. One bag containing 10 pretzels set me back $4.99 (plus tax).

Overall grade: B. The spelt pretzels had a taste that was unusual and, at times, was seemed as if too much flour was made. However, I appreciate the individuality of each pretzel because they made me feel as if they were homemade in a friend's kitchen. The price is on the pricier side of baked goods, which would limit how often I purchase a Shiloh Farms product. But, I would certainly consider buying more if I am feeling generous with my spending   their sprouted grains are tempting me!

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