Wednesday, December 4, 2013

La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Tortillas

Hola mes amigos! I love Mexican food, homemade or from a restaurant. A favorite staple I always have on hand is tortillas. Like a magician’s trick to change shape and form, tortillas adapt to an array of recipes. They are excellent scaffolding for a sandwich wrap, sliced and spiced to make easy chips, or heated with cheese to create a quesadilla. Who would imagine the quest to find soy free tortillas to be one of monotonous effort?

A brand I have so far found to sell soy free tortillas is La Tortilla Factory. These, mes amigos, are some of the most flavorful tortillas available. Loaded with 15 grams of protein and 90 calories each, they are an excellent addition to any meal, or even as a snack. The Hand Made Style Corn tortillas come in several flavors including yellow corn, white corn, and chipotle. I tasted the white corn variety. Let's see how this tortilla brand performs in the Sans Soy test.

Product: La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Tortillas, White Corn

Quality: The tortillas are fresh, thick and sturdy, the perfect home for juicy fillings such as beef and chicken. The combination of corn and wheat flour creates a meaty consistency and happy medium between the two. Each tortilla is not too large, only about five inches in diameter, and griddle spots add a sense of freshness, especially when the tortillas are consumed warm. Once heated, a corn aroma fills the air, further representing the freshness of ingredients.

Taste: A strong corn flavor is present, however it does not overwhelm as a result of the wheat flour also used to make the tortillas. The corn aroma intensifies when heated, and complements the taste of salsa, beans, or cheese, and probably whatever else you desire. Saltiness and blandness, both components oftentimes found in store bought tortillas, are lacking in the +LaTortillaFactory tortillas.

Price: A pack of two 8-tortilla bags at the La Tortilla Factory online store costs $5.78.

Overall grade: A. The tortillas are top notch, snuggling ingredients and enhancing meals as a result of the savory taste and texture. I will be purchasing tortillas again from La Tortilla Factory, and would like to try out the other La Tortilla Factory products, too. The flat breads and 100 calorie tortillas look enticing.


  1. I love tortillas too! It's nice to find a blog that talks about the healthier side of food. I personally put guacamole and cheese on my tortillas. It's the perfect meatless tortilla taco/burrito.

  2. Guac and cheese on a tortilla is one of my favorite go-to meals!