Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evolution Harvest Pepita, Almond, Raisin & Cranberry snack bar

Hunger. It can come fast and furious, at busy times when you are engrossed in work. With few minutes to eat a full meal, finding a quick yet healthy snack can be an obstacle to clean eating. Last week, I was in this predicament. During a short run to my local +Starbucks Coffee store, I selected an Evolution Harvest snack bar to accompany my foamy latte.

Unlike a traditional granola bar, this snack was chock-full of nuts and seeds: almond and pumpkin were the bulk of it. Raisins and cranberries, along with agave syrup and sea salt also made an appearance. My hunger was satiated with the grub, but how did the Evolution Harvest snack bar fare in the Sans Soy test?

Product: Evolution Harvest Pepita, Almond, Raisin & Cranberry with Agave Syrup & Sea Salt Snack Bar

Quality: Seeds, nuts and dried fruit are the primary characters in this snack bar. In fact, you may feel like the bird when first looking at the bar due to the large amount of visible seeds. The pepitas and almonds were not mealy, but a combination of agave syrup, brown rice syrup and pineapple juice concentrate make the snack very sticky.

Taste: This snack bar was the Goldilocks of taste: not too sweet, not too tangy and not too bitter. When eating, it would be useful to have a decent set of pearly whites as it is sticky and the plethora of seeds requires extra chewing. Perhaps, this would not be convenient to eat for those sporting braces on their chompers. There is, however, a strong salt taste underneath the sugariness. For me, I found it be overwhelming and I would not have missed it.

Price: One bar set me back $1.95.

Overall grade: B. As someone who likes a variety of nuts, seeds and other grains to fulfill nutritional needs, I greatly appreciated the deluge present in the Evolution Harvest snack bar. The sea salt was not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed the combination of dried fruits and sweet syrups as an energy source for a hectic afternoon. The bar is on the small side, boasting an average width of one inch and length of 3.5 inches, judging by the size.

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