Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wasa Sourdough Crispbread

Hello readers! Cold season has arrived in full force here in Washington, D.C. I have been blessed with two monstrous colds in the past month, which has resulted in countless hours in bed, plenty of mugs overflowing with tea, and, sadly, a bland diet of soup. Out of desperation to find a snack with equal amount of crunch and flavorlessness to keep my stomach happy, I found Wasa Sourdough Crispbread. These Swedish babies offer a minimal ingredient list, all which are soy free! The brain baby from the Swedes—people who live in a country much colder than Washington, D.C.—I hoped the crackers could help me kick my colds to the curb.

Let's see how Wasa Sourdough Crispbreads performed in the Sans Soy test.

Product: Wasa Sourdough Crispbread

Quality: Initially, I was unsure what to expect prior to opening a package of Wasa crackers. I am ignorant about Swedish culture and foods; I insultingly think a main food group must be meatballs as a result of the meals available for purchase at IKEA. Dark brown in color, each rectangular cracker had a light dusting of leftover baking flour. Crisp and crunchy they were, almost reaching the staleness state. Nary a grain of salt was present on the crispbreads. However, when paired with a bowl of hot soup, the dry and crisp cracker was perfect for absorbing the simmering liquid without becoming a pile of mush.

Taste: True to its description as a sourdough crispbread, a small amount of tang is present in every bite. The tang, however, is the only exciting attribute possessed by the crackers. There is a lack of salt, spice or anything else nice, and the crackers are best enjoyed when supporting a decadent dip. I cannot help but dream of using a crispbread as the backbone for a goat cheese and smoked salmon tartine.

Price: One package of crispbreads cost me $2.98 at my neighborhood grocery store.

Overall grade: C+. Lacking flavor with questionable freshness, these crispbreads are the perfect accompaniment when unable to fathom much food. However, what the sourdough crackers lack in flavor, they make up by serving as a supporting character with soup, creamy spreads, or a sinful dip looking to be in the spotlight.

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