Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back in Action

I'mmmmm backkkkk! Okay, okay, I know I was MIA for a while. But, trust me, I have a long list of excuses reasons for not blogging.

First, I began a new job. Woo hoo! This job is awesome and 1000% more challenging, positive, engaging, and exciting than my old position. Next, I had a few business trips around the country. And traveling for work isn't all fun and games. You have to, you know, work! The work days on these trips typically run longer and busier than at the office. Afterwards, I was tirrrreeeddd and decided to laze about doing nothing for a while.

Then, I watched season two of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, because how could I NOT see what happened to little miss Piper after beating the heck out of Pennsatucky?! Then, Pretty Little Liars started with a new season, and I JUST HAD to see if the tyrant behind A would be disclosed (Spoiler: The person behind A is still unknown. Shocking.) And then it was summer and I decided to ride my bike around the District of Columbia a whole lot.

To prove I wasn't just slacking (okay, I was), I made some elaborate pictures in Photoshop to show my activities that kept me from blogging about soy free food products.

Highlights include: 

I took a nice, long trip to Japan. And it was awesome! So sorry to brag. #sorrynotsorry
My time was spent traveling around Tokyo, eating sushi, avoiding soy, and hanging out. Japan is a gorgeous country, and I can't wait to return. 
Tokyo, tokyo tower, japan

Lady Gaga
I splurged for floor tickets when Lady Gaga performed at the Verizon Center in D.C., on her #artRAVE tour. Her show was incredible and impressive, quite possibly one of the best concerts that I have ever attended. Lady Gaga sang all the songs from the #artRAVE album, in addition to other well-known hits to include Bad Romance, Just Dance, Poker Face, and Telephone.

Lady Gage #artRAVE

San Francisco
I went on a little trip to the west coast for my first visit to San Francisco. Technically, this was a work trip, and I did quite a lot of professional stuff there. But, this was my first business travel in a new position, and I was able to squeeze in additional time to sight see and soak in the ambiance of the city. I know I didn't do enough or eat at any of the trendy restaurants, however I now have a long list of establishments and activities to check off my list when I go back.

San Francisco, Alcatraz
So, now that my guilty conscience has been cleared, I promise to keep up more with blogging. Let's get to it!

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