Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Almond Milk

Wow. Can you believe it is the end of September? I can't. It seems like yesterday that sandals, swimming, and sunscreen were a common denominator of the season. Now, autumn decorations are for sale, pumpkin-flavored everything are in grocery stores, and leaves are changing. Here's a fun fact. Did you know the color of which leaves change is based on the amount of sugar found in each tree? The next time someone comments on fall foliage, you can whip out that tidbit like the boss you are.

Speaking of fall and sugar, it's time for warm beverages to replace the cold. Why not use some vanilla almond milk to knock your tea up a notch? It's full of calcium, tasty, and makes you feel good when you talk about how healthy you are with friends. Because, who still drinks cow's milk? That is so old school. Just kidding, I still love getting a latte created with bovine milk, organic, of course.

Let's see how the generic brand of almond milk from +Whole Foods Market , 365 Vanilla Almond Milk, performs on the Sans Soy taste test, shall we?

Whole Foods Vegan Vanilla Almond Milk

Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Almond Milk

Quality: Compared to cow's milk, the almond milk is thick with a yellow tinge. The thickness and texture is not as smooth and lustrous as premium brand almond milks such as Silk or Pacific Foods. This almond milk is sweetened with organic cane sugar, and it is necessary to shake the box before pouring to ensure the  contents are properly mixed. Nobody would like a glob to plop out into their newly brewed tea, would they? The liquid easily combines with others. When added to chia seeds, it makes a great vegan pudding. The emulsifying ingredient is sunflower lecithin, not soy lecithin.

Taste: This almond milk is sweetened and enhanced with vanilla extract. It is delicious, and will give you a slight sugar high if you drink too much. However, who says that is bad thing. I find the sweetness to be just right, yet others I know believer it to be too much. A one cup serving contains 15 grams of sugar.

Price: I can't say the price of this almond milk because I took it from my mother's pantry. What? Sharing is caring, people. However, I suspect it costs around $2.00 based on the price of other generic brand non-dairy beverages.

Overall grade: B. Yes, this almond milk was good. Will I buy it again? yes. Why doesn't it deserve an A? Well, the thickness and texture could be better. I would like the almond milk to have a rich texture that adds a creamy element lacking in the Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Almond Milk.


  1. This post makes me want an almond milk latte! At 8:49 PM. Tomorrow...

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it out...
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