Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Chocolate

The cold, arctic air has returned to Washington, D.C. Within the past week, work and school delays have been common. Wool hats, chunky scarves and heavy, waterproof boots have been pulled from hibernation and now serve their primary purpose: warmth retention. When the weather turns as is, despite my best efforts to stay warm and snug, I find myself drinking more hot liquids than one would find in a hot spring.

After sweaty gym workout which resulted in a very frosty walk home, I needed a warm drink to defrost and remind myself that I am a warm-blooded human. A steaming hot chocolate did the trick. Not only was the drink toasty, the new mix from Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate was a home run. Silly Cow Farms sells hot chocolate in an array of flavors to include Marshmallow Swirl, Peppermint Twist and Chocolate Chocolate. Not all of the flavors are soy-free, however the ingredients are clearly labeled. Now that I have thawed out, let's see how Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate performed in the Sans Soy test.

Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate

Product: Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Chocolate

Quality:  The cocoa is finely ground to create a tawny mound of powder. Tiny granules fragments of granulated sugar are mixed in with the cocoa. After stirring a spoonful or two into a mug with warmed milk, the cocoa mix quickly dissolves, leaving only the faintest trace of chocolate at the bottom of the cup when all consumed.

Taste: The flavor of this hot chocolate mix has a deep and rich piquancy with a slight hint of vanilla. Along with coffee undertones, there is a meager whiff of bitterness from the cocoa. Although this may sound unpleasant, it helps to complement the sweet taste.

Price: One bottle of the hot chocolate may be purchased here for six dollars. I bought mine from Whole Foods for around the same cost.

Overall grade: A+. Congrats, Silly Cow Farms, on being the first brand examined by Stephanie at Sans Soy to receive a top note! This hot chocolate mix was high quality, outstanding in taste and reasonably priced for the amount received. Extra points given for an array of soy-free flavors from which to choose, and the adorable and eco-friendly packaging that is a short glass milk jar helps to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals transferred to food.

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